Welcome Lemons!

Welcome Lemons!

What Is This About? First off, this is my personal blog. I am using this for a variety of reasons such as: Accountability – I am in a major struggle in my life. Even with these pressing issues, I am determined that now is a time for change. This will help me track progress. To … Continue reading

You’re Under Surveillance!

Losing a parent is difficult and inheriting¬† property is often difficult as well. For some, it may be a helicopter or a multitude of money. For others, it is loads of junk to add to your already cluttered existence. In my case, part of the inheritance was a house. Tucked in the house, however, were … Continue reading

Painting the Picture

If one has read my blog, they can get the sense that I am not to thrilled about my place of employment. “Lemon Swamp” as I like to call it is an interesting case study of a company that is making money (for now at least) but has no idea how to create an environment … Continue reading

The Cook Out!

We all love a good cook out. But how great is the bar-b-que when you are the main course? Keep it Simple My fianc√© lives in Fortaleza, Brazil and I live in Florida. We both live in places with a scalding environment. I would even go as far as to say that Florida’s weather can … Continue reading

Redefining Doing

For those of us who remember the glorious past, communication was a trying process. We had to sit down at a desk and then write long stories about our lives and what our family and friends were doing. Then we visited the Post Office and mailed our creation. Presto! Like magic, a month later would … Continue reading

Burnin’ For You!

I have had the joy of once working for an employer that really had their act together. The leaders gave direction and understood that even a quarterback had to toss the ball to someone else from time to time so they could run and score a touch down. Working at this company was a joy … Continue reading

What is Your Branding Strategy?

Everyone dreams of a better life. People snap up self-help books and visit advice websites trying to improve themselves or find the special person who is waiting out there for them. There are a million different answers out there as well. Work harder! Visualize your dreams! Put them on Pinterest! In my opinion, people need … Continue reading

Enik and Men

Hola! Women and men have always viewed each other as odd mysteries. If I could create a dating bible of some sorts, I could have been a billionaire by now! Well, this post may not contain a lot of answers but it can give some an insight into what they are up against. ENIK This … Continue reading

The Arrival of the Skate Purse!

Back in my more youthful days, my trusty skateboard was perhaps my biggest mode of transportation. I rode the board everywhere and all the time as I was pushing down the sidewalk, I was transported in my mind to some tropical beach with a giant, clean, walled-up wave. In order to tackle this big wave, … Continue reading