Finding Your Way

The Long and Winding Road…

Like a lot of people, I am actively working on finding my way. Sometimes, we all must look for “experts” to give us a clear road map or an inspiration to get us going. I too find myself turning to other bloggers and websites to give me some idea on steps that I could take to become a better person.

You know, I find it to be interesting to see the sage advice that some folks give us. I find it even more interesting that people are making a lot of money helping others. In the spirit of capitalism, it is great to have a passion and then turn it into a career. However, I am torn on whether these types are helpful at all.

Professional Regurgitation

List 1

Black Sabbath


The Missing Persons

Missing Persons

The Bible

List 2

Lenny Kravitz

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa

Self Help Gurus

Can you get the picture between list one and list 2?

List 1 is comprised of people who actually did something original. This includes the bible because it is the original guide on how to live your life. List 2 is comprised of regurgitators. They take someone else’s work and create a wonderful replication. Is it bad? Not at all! Did it require much thought? Hardly.

A Message From a Guru:

Title of e-mail:  The Quickest Method to get Things Done and Make Change

Body of message (changed somewhat but you will get the idea):

“Not the easiest, but the quickest:

Don’t demand authority.

Eagerly take responsibility.

Relentlessly give credit.” – Mr. S.G.

In case you have not figured it out…that was the entire life changing message from a well paid professional! Could you have possibly figured this out on your own????

Maybe the author really is doing us a big favor.

I think the real message is that deep down inside, we all know what we need to do to succeed. With the guidance of the original self-help book, we can all make a change. The only traits we need to draw upon are common sense, our morals, commitment, and a desire to work hard. We must all accept our faults and take ownership of our failures.

Do this and you will find your way.


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