Welcome Lemons!

What Is This About?

First off, this is my personal blog. I am using this for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Accountability – I am in a major struggle in my life. Even with these pressing issues, I am determined that now is a time for change. This will help me track progress.
  • To Help Someone Else – Maybe someone might read something in this and it might help them to get themselves on track as well.
  • A Fresh Pair of Eyes – There are millions of people in this world. Everyone has had different experiences that might prove helpful to me. Also, not everyone is at the same station in life as well. Who knows, maybe someone who can really help me will pop up. Are you reading this Mr. Gates?
  • Enjoyment – I just love to write and I have a surplus of time. So why not write?! I have another blog that is my main blog but it is not suitable for me to make observations on daily things that I find to be amusing. So this blog shall be my outlet for such goofy matters as well.

So What in the World Are You Trying to Do?

Glad you asked!

I have a few goals:

  • Gain Employment – I was layed off a whopping year ago and finding suitable employment has been a very difficult process. Even jobs that I did before are overlooking me. My resumes could be finding their way to resume hell as far as I know. One would think that after 15 years working where everyone said that you were their favorite Supervisor, that someone would help you out but guess again.
  • Surf Contests Again – I used to compete and I even surfed as a professional at one point. I have realized that I just love to surf in contests. However, my training and coaching background has made me not want to surf until I feel that I am capable of winning which at this point I question.
  • Start a Business – One day, an idea came to my head. It is waaaay outside of the box. Will it be useful to it’s niche users…certainly! My main issue is that I do not want anyone to copy it. I feel I do have a few advantages to why I can pull it off and not an established brand. It is due to location.

By making headway on these goals, it will free me up to follow my other personal goals as well.

My main problems with creating a business are the following:

  • Lack of Capital – Due to being unemployed, my savings are running dry. I need capital to get this going. In order to really get it going, it will have to be in multiple locations and eventually global.

What is the Title of Your Blog About?

The title is a play off the old saying, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!” Well, frankly I have enough lemons to make a whole factory so if you need some…just ask!


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