Unemployment – What it is Really About.

When you are going through the joys of unemployment, you get to see the opinions of people on this subject. I almost want to toss my computer in the garbage when I read comments on Facebook from people who toss out their opinions on the subject. Of course these people are employed and they look at the chronically unemployed as somewhat lazy. Maybe this can paint a picture and even help someone not make the same mistakes that I made.

About Me.

I held a management position for over 15 years and during this time was pretty highly regarded. I do have LinkedIn and Facebook so I do have friends. Worse, on LinkedIn, my friends are some pretty powerful people. “Leverage your connections”, they say. I will get into that later.

During my time in employment, I was always on time and frequently towed the line for my fellow management members when they would call in or they did not want to talk to the guy with bad body odor. I was that guy.

What Went Wrong?

Here is where a lot of people are wrong about unemployment. When you slip past the 6 month mark, suddenly a big black mark appears before the eyes of the Human Resource rep. Something is wrong with you. Even though for 15 years you were a solid performer, now after six months of unemployment; you are a social deviant. As you slip past the 8 month mark, it only gets worse.

Find a lower position! Sounds great but this is my experience. First I apply at some lower position. Then the Human Resource Manager calls me. “Wait a minute!” “You are perfect for the position of Housekeeping Supervisor!” So now I am interviewing for a higher position. This sounds great until someone with more experience wins out the position and I am back to the starting line.

This also happened to me. I applied for Housekeeping Inspector. They gave the group a mass orientation. During the orientation, they kept saying that the housekeepers and the inspectors would get 2 to 3 weeks of training. I have tons of public area inspector experience but I am lacking in the actual Housekeeping role so of course I need training. The managers seemed happy that I was applying for the position. Then I go to the next step. The Human Resource Manager tells me that without actual experience in that role, they will not want to hire me? Hello!!! Did they not say they would train me??? Then she said that I would be better for a position in Public Area which they do not have open at the time. Your resume will be forwarded to that team. Good-bye!

Those Unemployed People Are Lazy and Want to Collect Benefits!!

My lazy life consists of re-writing my resume for the 30th time with the newest promised way of wowing the company you would like to work for. Applying. Writing letters. Researching jobs that could fit my skills. Cold sending out resumes to them. Writing comments on Facebook and LinkedIn to get some attention to my plight. Buying better interview clothes. And on and on and on. And really, do you know how much you collect in unemployment? Insurance alone wipes it out.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

This one woman was arguing on Facebook over a friends’ post on politics and she proudly boasted that she lives within her means and these poor people with 4 kids should reap what they sow for their poor planning. She then said that if she fell into problems, her church would get her through the hard times. First off, that attitude is hardly Christian in my opinion. Worse, the part about the church bailing her out was kind of laughable. If anyone can find a church in the Central Florida area that is going to shell out money for my home owners insurance, car insurance, and my credit card bills…please send me a message so I can join immediately!!!

To be honest, I am a bit let down. That is because people are always posting positive messages on Facebook about being happy and changing your life which I do believe in. However, besides a few messages asking if I am still unemployed, the charity about stops there. Sometimes I send a message asking someone about any positions where they work and they do not even reply back! Is it that hard to mention something to your boss or to just drop by the H.R. office after returning from lunch?

Lets Wrap This Up!

If you have employment, think of the people out there with issues. They are not lazy. Some may need help. Do more than just writing happy phrases on your Facebook page. Words do not help someone pay their bills.

If you find yourself being unemployed, find work quick! You can pick up a job and look for something better or chase your dream of self-employment. Don’t carry the black mark of long-term unemployment by your name.


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