Soft, Sweet, and Rock and Roll!

Rock and Roll Damnation!

First off, there is nothing fun about dying in your own vomit and drug overdoses are also not something to take lightly. However, rock music used to be about well…not caring so much and enjoying the repercussions of your stupid actions. Let’s take everyone’s favorite rockers from down under – AC/DC. These guys just about epitomize what rock is all about.

Not sharing and really not caring!

Do yourself a favor one day when you are bored. Visit Youtube and enter “Bon Scott and AC/DC. Then look at some of their early videos. One of the first things you may notice is that in several videos, both Bon and Angus Young proudly appear minus a few teeth. Getting your teeth knocked out is a sign that you are indeed living hard and appearing on a video minus a tooth or two means that you really are in another league of non-conformity. Or it could mean you are carrying a hard-core meth issue…so beware!

Toofless and proud!

Getting Soft…

A Night In The Ruts…

Now Steven Tyler did take an awful blow to the face and he did poke some fun at himself but how he handled this was rather…Un-Bon Scottish. After his accident, he issued a press release explaining to his fans that he indeed suffered an accident and it was due to a slip and fall. He reiterated that in no way was drugs and alcohol involved and he was still clean and sober. What ex-space case would slip to such a low-level of softness? He should have tweeted a pic of himself like Angus Young’s previous picture and just said…”Back in the Saddle Again”.

Rise of Hardcore

I remember one of my first hardcore shows. It was Suicidal Tendencies. All through the show some guy who used to live in Venice was mouthing off to Mike Muir. The pit was brutal. As we left the show, we looked over and there was Mr. Muir introducing the pestering fan to his Doc Martins.

Suicidal Tendencies

So this began my career as a punk rock musician and pit guy. As time went by, the skin head issue made the pits even worse and many shows left you with some wounds to nurse. But that was the price you had to pay to see bands like The Circle Jerks, The Meat Men, T.S.O.L., Adolescents, B.P., The Jehovah Sicknesses, and a list of others.

The Circle Jerks

Minor Threat

Chipmunk Punk

Just like with true rock, society had to intervene and bring with it money and promises. Instead of just making shirts or wearing plain t- shirts, someone figured out a way to make a buck off the scene that no one cared about. Soon came Hot Topic to dispense its cookie cutter fashion and put uniforms on the punks. What was once a lifestyle became a fashion show. Punk was being neutered and every ounce of anger was quickly pumped out. Soon bands sprung up that were nothing more than cute boy band members with tattoos.

At one point, it seemed that the Vans Warped Tour was going to save the day. Dinosaurs were resurrected and the anger was back again but even this tanked.

Day Care

Please scan the pictures of the shows that I posted because what you are seeing will not be seen at the Warped Tour. Now the audience is composed mainly of middle schoolers who are probably going to their first show. The bands are punk-lite. Safe for girls. The kids can visit one of many tents and pick up some cool merchandise and gather far away from the 87 pounders in the pit to safely text their friends and put up pictures on Facebook.

The New Face of Punk?

Testosterone overload

Yes…it is an “All Time Low” for punk

Prognosis: Jonas Brothers with tattoos. Hopefully their agent lands them some gigs on Nick at Nite.

Waiting For-

Up yours poofs!

One day this kid will grow up and realize what a load he has been forced to listen to. Maybe he will dig up a Cro-Mags tape that his dad stuffed in the closet along with his skate. Then the kid will head to the Warped Tour and slam a bottle of beer across one of these whining pansies’ head and form a real punk band!


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