The Song Remains the Same

Random Led Zeppelin pic!

Still The Lemon Factory!

I may have said this before but this is just my blog for doodling around about my life. I know a few have stumbled upon this site but it is not my main passion. I have another site with far more readership that is my pride and joy. My other site is a niche site so this allows me to write about things that would not fit into the overall theme of the other site.

With that, I must report that one of my main ramblings on here is about my chronic unemployment. Well, as of today, I am now a member of the workforce! Even with this good news, I will not change the title to “The Sunshine Factory” or any other chipper name.

The Battle Front

My employment is probably great news for Obama. It is probably better news for our screwball governor who I am sure wants to get re-elected, and it probably sucks for Romney because the better our country seems; the worse his chances for election become.

At my volunteer job, we receive an e-mail every time someone lands a job and it does seem like the volume of e-mails are on the upswing lately. So this could be good for the overall economy. However, all it takes is for a large corporation to lay off 500 employees and it erodes any progress. So I am just hoping that my future contributions to the economy will help things out. You have to remember that I was unemployed for over a year and well, new goods were just not being purchased.

Chums With the Devil!

The other day, I received a call from perhaps the most egotistical, pompous, Human Resource Manager that I have ever come in contact with – and I am happy for it!

She called me from Company X and asked if she could conduct a phone interview with me. During certain questions, she would stop the interview and explain why she asked the question and why I gave her a good answer. I was baffled by this! At the end, she almost began to lay into me and she told me everything I should do such as practice the interview questions.

The next day she called and asked if I could come in for an interview. Then she suddenly stopped and began to tear apart my resume and told me how she wanted to see everything displayed. I thanked her and told her that other people looked at my resume and said it was fine.

“I go over thousands of resumes a week”, she said. “These people you are talking to may think they are experts but they do not have the experience that I have. I have been a recruiter for so long I can not remember!”

Even though I was taken a back by this ladies cocky attitude; I was happy that someone gave me a real evaluation.

I wish I would have crossed paths with her a year ago.


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