When Your Common “Cents” Only Equal a Few Pennies…

My 2 Cents!

My 2 Cents

We are now reaching the end of the election season and of course, it seems that common sense has left the building. I am going to try to stay bi-partisan so this can be applied across the board when making your decisions.

Absent-Minded Professor Theory

Very common in politics. You see, in order to keep our system afloat, we need checks and balances. A bill or different acts just do not go straight to the President to be approved and then head out to become laws of the land. He can approve them but it also then must go through congress. There is also a judicial branch to weigh out the legality of some issues. All these branches work together like a super computer (Tandy TRS-80?) to ensure we get fair and balanced laws. There are also various departments which collect data that is used by the government and is released for the public and business to use to for their gain.

This is where the Absent-Minded Professor Theory comes into play.

You see, politicians enjoy blaming other members of congress for pushing bills through and act surprised that some of these bills even exist. This is the twist. They have to see the same legislation because they have to vote for or work to modify the proposals. When you really think about it, what does this say about their leadership? Were they sleeping?

The Absent-Minded Professor and Cooking the Numbers

When the numbers came out for unemployment, the Republicans scrambled to down play these turn of events (there went my attempt at being bi-partisan). So the theory arose that the numbers were cooked. I found this to be a poor strategy.

You see, when you are an elected official, your job is to oversee these various departments. So when you take the stage and say things like, “Well, today a report came out that said the numbers are down. But really, they are higher.” Basically, you are saying this…”I work as an elected official but I have no real control over what these other departments do! What can I do up here?” The second implication is even worse. That is that you do not care that a department of the government that you oversee is publishing false information.

Of course no one sees this angle when it leaves their mouth. They just blindly cheer and clap.

The Big Picture

When you see the shocking allegations, the blame game, and other tactics going on, just remember they all work in the same business. Think of them as the Board of Directors. If they point the finger for decisions that were made, it means they were either out voted, absent, or sleeping. Maybe they were on Facebook?

I think coming out and saying you were out voted just sounds a bit better.


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