Enik and Men


Women and men have always viewed each other as odd mysteries. If I could create a dating bible of some sorts, I could have been a billionaire by now! Well, this post may not contain a lot of answers but it can give some an insight into what they are up against.


What Every Woman Desires!

What Every Woman Desires!

This is me. I am the advanced male. I send flowers to my fiancé and even surprise her from time to time. I am like Enik from Land of the Lost. As you can see, Enik even has clothes on…Fairly advanced stuff!

Young Men and Some Older Guys Too!

Other Males...

Other Males…

These are my less advanced counter-parts.

They are playing with their toys and waiting for advancement. Some never do.

Maslow’s Hope

I was once like them…Subjecting poor girlfriends to torturous “alone time” to do such activities as watch me surf for 4 straight hours or watch me do other activities that I loved. It took a lot of loss and training to become the more advanced version of my species.

However, no matter how you slice it…I am still a lizard man stuffed into a fancy cloth shirt.


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