What is Your Branding Strategy?

How Are You Branded?

How Are You Branded?

Everyone dreams of a better life. People snap up self-help books and visit advice websites trying to improve themselves or find the special person who is waiting out there for them. There are a million different answers out there as well. Work harder! Visualize your dreams! Put them on Pinterest!

In my opinion, people need to look to the real experts out there on human behavior. This would involve learning about marketing and then understanding how marketing affects us all.

Jet Set Society

We all have dreamed of living a better life. Which of these have you dreamed of:

MD 20/20

City Classified pumps from Wal-Mart – $14.00

Choose Dominican Republic tote bag from Wal-Mart – now $5.00

Honda Fit

Well, probably none of these replaced a bottle of fine wine, some Jimmy Choo pumps, and a high-end, loaded vehicle.

Our Desires

Some items just roll off the assembly line by the billions only to find themselves on a shelf at The Dollar General. We all know that with minimal effort, we can obtain these items. Other items are presented to us in a different way. When we seek out these items, we know that there is quality behind it and that someone did not get this product with a coupon.

This same theory can be applied to people and their presentation and actions.

Many of us want something better, yet present ourselves as a discounted bag of Funions in a convenience store. Then we get upset because we were purchased by Big Bucky, the truck driver.

The Posse

Look at the picture below and tell me what is missing.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

What is missing is a non-celebrity. Back in the day, the “Brat Pack” was a group of young friends that was comprised of some of the biggest stars of today. They all hung out together and pushed each other to fame and fortune.  That is because for the most part, like-minded people hang out together. Am I saying to ditch the neighborhood friends? Not at all! I am saying that if you spend a lot of time with thugs and people with a low sense of values, then one should expect the things to go along with it such as having items stolen from you, etc. Do you think that Will Smith invites friends over and later discovers his items are missing? Of course not!

This also applies to dating. Many people date a trouble maker and then later they are down in the dumps because they have now have troubles.

They also expect to hang out with the local derelicts and have a dating pool of Brad Pitts.

The Product-You!

Look at your life and what you want and then look at yourself.

What is your branding?

If you want something different, you may need to increase the perception of your value and your placement in the market of life.


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