Burnin’ For You!

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

I have had the joy of once working for an employer that really had their act together. The leaders gave direction and understood that even a quarterback had to toss the ball to someone else from time to time so they could run and score a touch down. Working at this company was a joy and I learned far more than what my job title was. I wrote the Standard Operating Procedures, dabbled in payroll software, met with vendors, handled guest complaints, and tackled employee relations issues.

After the lay offs, I was desperate for employment and my prayers were answered. However, a former management type from my previous job gave me some dire warnings. I needed to work immediately so I brushed them off. Now I feel like I am stuck in this exploding dirigible until I can get my feet back on the ground.

Activities Director of the Hindenburg

What can be so wrong? Where to start!

  1. My Manager is the best. In fact, he is in the same boat that I am in. He also came from my former employer. The other management types I work with are the pits.One, Sally Sue, spends a majority of her time taking calls from her kids, getting food for her hubby, and designing her dream home. Then when something bad happens, she goes ballistic and tries to overcompensate for not being “in the field”. She only takes input from the upper management. The other is worse. This cat can not even fill out a simple spread sheet. He spends his days following around upper management and delegating jobs from the employees on his shift and trying to push work onto the second shift.
  2. Upper Management…an extremely scattered bunch. My Director’s main issue is that his background has nothing to do with our department. Think happy entertainment guy trying to run a prison. He is in charge of several departments and only one is his true calling. Sadly, it is not my department. He rates around a 2 in communication. Above him, just as bad.
  3. Human Resources. Human Resources should be knowing of laws and provide an unbiased jury during employee relations issues. Not here! Completely biased towards the employees. We hand out the documentation, the employees run to Human Resources, documentation meets the paper shredder. Sadly, this is a private company without a Union and they still operate in this manner.
  4. A simple lesson in business. You can create all the mission statements and post witty phrases, but unless you follow the mission statements and plans; it is all useless. I am constantly barraged by an endless stream of e-mails telling me of the new incentive program, the new team meeting, and other feel good programs. However, when you see that no one wants to take ownership for their work, you know that these meetings are worthless. You have to manage your company. Managing means following your own guidelines and even doing bad things such as disciplining employees.

From now on, my case study of my employer will be deemed as, “The Lemon Swamp Chronicles”.

Who knows how long I will stay at this mess. Amazingly enough, I know they will not be out of business anytime soon. The place makes money hand over fist. Even with the poor management and a few other things that would make the guests’ stomach churn if they saw it.

I will say that the property is beautiful. If the owners actually cared and took an active role in what the bung holes they hired to run the property were doing; the place could be an A+. Sam Walton they are not.

If you have worked for someone who may have once been a guard in some Gulag, please feel free to comment on this subject!


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