Redefining Doing


For those of us who remember the glorious past, communication was a trying process. We had to sit down at a desk and then write long stories about our lives and what our family and friends were doing. Then we visited the Post Office and mailed our creation. Presto! Like magic, a month later would come the reply!

Now imagine that you spent 2 hours writing a letter. It was long…like three pages long! Then comes the wonderful day. You open the letter and begin to read the response.

“LOLZ!” U r funny!”

Reading that would have probably meant the end of the friendship!

After we worked through that painful transition of using dial-up on our computers; we were seemingly ushered into a time when the sky would be the limit with advances in communication. The pinnacle seemingly was social media sites such as Facebook. Never before has one site been used by every country across the globe.

The result?

A wonder gone awry.

The Town Crier

Everyone Hear Me! Just Don't Respond!

Everyone Hear Me! Just Don’t Respond!

Maybe this is my fault and it is my circle of people who I have accepted as friends on Facebook. It seems to have started around the time that the Big O-Man was elected as our president. The allegations, breaking “news” and other weirdness began to overshadow the normal posts featuring pictures of people’s breakfast and memes of puppies and kittens hugging each other. Then it snowballed into the gun debates.

Debates sound like a great idea…if they were only debates. They seem to be more in line with a person screaming out their window and then slamming the window shut when the replies come. Somehow this has turned into “doing” and “taking action” just as writing a quick tidbit of information – “Little Tim just won his baseball game. Happy!” has replaced having a two-way conversation with another person. That is because the expectation is now to see that a few people have “liked” your comment and few have posted some encouraging words. You did your job. You put out the information for the world to see. You are done.

Caring and Sharing

Men With a Cause!

Men With a Cause!

I understand that there is a segment of this society that feels that someone will march into town and round us all up. That the United States is on the verge of being sold to Uganda. Well, if you really want to save the country then what is spending your days working for free for the NRA going to get you? There is something called “doing”. Try writing to a company or your governor instead. Your cut and paste zeal is only being seen by people like myself…not the Senate.

Creating or critiquing

Social media is not bad. I have reconnected with many people whom I have lost track with throughout the years. As our society moves forward, we have to work on understanding that in life; effort equals a return. We have to make the effort to not take the easy route. Something as simple as sending someone a real card that we spent more than 2 minutes browsing online for. We have to remember that we have not called that close friend in the past month even though we have commented five times on their post. Finally, we must understand that anyone can now be a critic online. That does not mean we did anything to solve an issue.


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