The Cook Out!

David Badenhorst #9

We all love a good cook out. But how great is the bar-b-que when you are the main course?

Keep it Simple

My fiancé lives in Fortaleza, Brazil and I live in Florida. We both live in places with a scalding environment. I would even go as far as to say that Florida’s weather can be down right fierce.

There is a big difference between the northeast of Brazil and Florida. That is the air conditioner. Somehow the people in the region survive without their air conditioners running full blast. That is because they keep in simple. There is a nice trade wind blowing off the ocean and the front of her house is open enough to receive the gift of air circulation. Then with the added help of some fans and things are doable.

As for the great United States, we have built houses with doors recessed into narrow corridors and large screened enclosures that deflect any wind from pummeling our homes. Works great during our summer thunderstorms but take away the air conditioner and you are left frying!

As a sweat away, I can look outside and watch the palms sway to a wind that will never reach my open windows.



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