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You’re Under Surveillance!

Losing a parent is difficult and inheriting¬† property is often difficult as well. For some, it may be a helicopter or a multitude of money. For others, it is loads of junk to add to your already cluttered existence. In my case, part of the inheritance was a house. Tucked in the house, however, were … Continue reading

The Cook Out!

We all love a good cook out. But how great is the bar-b-que when you are the main course? Keep it Simple My fianc√© lives in Fortaleza, Brazil and I live in Florida. We both live in places with a scalding environment. I would even go as far as to say that Florida’s weather can … Continue reading

What is Your Branding Strategy?

Everyone dreams of a better life. People snap up self-help books and visit advice websites trying to improve themselves or find the special person who is waiting out there for them. There are a million different answers out there as well. Work harder! Visualize your dreams! Put them on Pinterest! In my opinion, people need … Continue reading

Enik and Men

Hola! Women and men have always viewed each other as odd mysteries. If I could create a dating bible of some sorts, I could have been a billionaire by now! Well, this post may not contain a lot of answers but it can give some an insight into what they are up against. ENIK This … Continue reading

The Arrival of the Skate Purse!

Back in my more youthful days, my trusty skateboard was perhaps my biggest mode of transportation. I rode the board everywhere and all the time as I was pushing down the sidewalk, I was transported in my mind to some tropical beach with a giant, clean, walled-up wave. In order to tackle this big wave, … Continue reading

The Song Remains the Same

The Song Remains the Same

Still The Lemon Factory! I may have said this before but this is just my blog for doodling around about my life. I know a few have stumbled upon this site but it is not my main passion. I have another site with far more readership that is my pride and joy. My other site … Continue reading

Soft, Sweet, and Rock and Roll!

Rock and Roll Damnation! First off, there is nothing fun about dying in your own vomit and drug overdoses are also not something to take lightly. However, rock music used to be about well…not caring so much and enjoying the repercussions of your stupid actions. Let’s take everyone’s favorite rockers from down under – AC/DC. … Continue reading

Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way

The Long and Winding Road… Like a lot of people, I am actively working on finding my way. Sometimes, we all must look for “experts” to give us a clear road map or an inspiration to get us going. I too find myself turning to other bloggers and websites to give me some idea on … Continue reading

Welcome Lemons!

Welcome Lemons!

What Is This About? First off, this is my personal blog. I am using this for a variety of reasons such as: Accountability – I am in a major struggle in my life. Even with these pressing issues, I am determined that now is a time for change. This will help me track progress. To … Continue reading