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Painting the Picture

If one has read my blog, they can get the sense that I am not to thrilled about my place of employment. “Lemon Swamp” as I like to call it is an interesting case study of a company that is making money (for now at least) but has no idea how to create an environment … Continue reading

Burnin’ For You!

I have had the joy of once working for an employer that really had their act together. The leaders gave direction and understood that even a quarterback had to toss the ball to someone else from time to time so they could run and score a touch down. Working at this company was a joy … Continue reading

Get a Job!

Get a Job!

Once upon a time, I remember when I had everything going my way. I was employed and life was zipping along. After a long day of work, I loved to go on the computer. A favorite stop was to visit a place called Facebook. I remember I had friends on Facebook and people posted about … Continue reading